It’s taken a while, but we have a plan to reopen 🙂

Whether you’re local to Hartlepool, or found us by accident over the internet, you can help us restart after the pandemic!

It’s been a few months since our shop closed when the lease came up for renewal at the beginning of lockdown 2.0.

Now we’re aiming to find a new building in July, opening shortly after that, in somewhere better suited for gaming with more space.

But to do that we need capital to restart.

So we’re crowdfunding the old fashioned way – by swapping things for money.

As a thank you for helping us get there, we’re offering some online events when we pass certain milestones:

  • 400: ‘Alice is Missing’ online RPG event (coming soon – find out facebook page for more information shortly)
  • 500: Free shipping threshold drops to £38

Past milestones:

  • 200: Online Quiz
  • 300: Geek Out 00s Quiz

We’ve calculated we need to sell 3000 items by July to make this a reality. This is actually a pretty big number for a small shop like ours – but we’ve been making good progress on developing our online shop, and you can see how our deals compare with other shops at

If you’re looking for inspiration, find our new games here!

As of 6th March we’re already at around 440 out of 3000

We’ve set targets for the next few months to help see how we’re doing:

End of Month:Target Number of Items Sold
June2200 – At 2000, if allowed, we’ll begin running MTG. YGO and gaming events!

Thank you for visiting our website – every purchase gets us a little closer to opening!