What’s coming up soon? Lots!

New shop news, new clubs, new games nights… it’s all happening! Read on to find out more.

A new shop

Early September we expect to be opening a new shop! We’ve secured a unit in Bovis House – a business centre in the heart of Hartlepool, on Victoria Road. It’s an ideal location, near buses, a five minute walk from the trains, and round the corner from our old premises.

This’ll only be a shop – we don’t have cafe space, but LilyAnne’s Coffee Shop is right below us – and we’ll have space for smaller events in the building, with larger events at another venue (see below).

Most importantly, it’ll be a place you can come for all your gaming needs!

A new series of gaming clubs

Following on from two incredible successful sets of holiday clubs over Easter and Summer, and building on an idea we almost started back just before Lockdown 2.0, we’re proud to announce Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering maths clubs!

A large part of these clubs is playing games – but they’ll be run with teachers who will provide small group tuition that will gently support children who find maths tough, and provide a satisfying challenge to those maths-fiends who can’t get enough. These, with the games, will provide real-world example of how maths works!

They’re available in three groups, for children up from 6 to 14, and you can find out more here.

New Games Night with People’s Meeples

People’s Meeples is a community group managed by regular customers and owners of gamers@hart – it specialises in promoting the social and educational benefit of gaming. In the past, we ran autism friendly nights at the old tea room, and we gave out bundles of literacy games throughout lockdown. This organisation allows us to run events that may not work commercially, but are needed and valued, and allows us to search for funding.

Thanks to the NHS resilience fund, we’ve been awarded nearly £30,000 to run RPG groups and weekly games nights!

We’ll be releasing more information when we know about it, but we’ll be renting a town centre location large enough to run several games and events at a time. What’s really important is that by October, we’ll have regular gaming of all kinds running again!