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You might also be interested in our safeguarding procedures.

Golden Rule:

These T&Cs set out our minimum basic offer to you and what we expect in return. There may be space for flexibility, particularly in extreme circumstances. If you feel you require special considerations please speak to us. These T&Cs are designed to be fair both to parents/children, our staff, and our venues.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. By signing up to our, you are committing to ensuring your child attends our clubs regularly and absences will be communicated in good time where possible.
  2. When you sign up, we are committing to providing a safe, high-quality educational and social environment in which all children will feel valued. Where we fall short, we will commit to working with parents/carers and the child(ren) to meet the child’s individual needs.
  3. We are fully insured and follow strict procedures for safeguarding that will minimise the opportunity for harm, however we cannot accept liability in the event of an accident.
  4. Any individual needs of the child (medical, cognitive, or social) that may affect their wellbeing and safety or the safety of others will be clearly communicated to gamers@hart, and any changes to the health or needs of the child will be communicated to gamers@hart at the earliest opportunity.
  5. Our prices are directly tied to: changes in wages, changes in venue fees, changes in the cost of games. Therefore, we may have to change prices due to external pressures. Any change in fees will be communicated at least four weeks in advance.
  6. We will only share images/videos of your children with your (and their) consent, and that consent can be withdrawn at any time for any or no reason.


  1. Depending on your payment preference, payment will be taken when you sign up and then every 4 or 12 weeks.
  2. When we clash with public holidays or we have to close for other reasons (e.g. Christmas) we will provide refunds, reduced payments, or alternative sessions.
  3. Your subscription pays for a place for your child every week, whether they are able to claim that place or not.
  4. Payment is made in advance of sessions (except for the first ‘taster session’ that every child is entitled to).
  5. We cannot offer refunds for sessions missed by children, however in exceptional circumstances we may offer reduced prices for a future block of sessions.
  6. We require either 28 days notice or the end of the paid-for session (whichever is later) to terminate your child’s space.
  7. Gamers@Hart does not process your payment, all payment data is held by STRIPE.

Code of conduct

We want to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

We will be working with children and young people that have a very wide range of needs and abilities. Gaming allows children who find maths difficult, and those that need an extra challenge, to have their needs met in the same space.

To ensure everyone feels valued, we need our members to:

  • Speak to other people with respect
  • Listen to leaders to ensure their safety and wellbeing
  • Arrive ready for a challenge

Members will not:

  • Engage in bullying or behave disrespectfully towards anyone at the clubs
  • Engage in unsafe behaviour

Our procedures if these expectations are not met:

  1. We will speak quietly to the child, to understand any causes for their behaviour
  2. We will calmly explain why their behaviour affects other people, and be very clear about our expectations.
  3. If any behaviour that does not meet these expectations continues, we will speak to the parent/carer, particularly if this behaviour could put others in danger.
  4. As a very last resort, if we feel we cannot keep a child safe in this environment, we may ask a parent/carer to stay with the child, or for the child to leave the club. This would only be done in consultation with parents/carers, as we recognise there can be temporary causes of ‘misbehaviour’ when other routines are broken.

Data Protection

  • We will produce a physical copy of your child’s data in case of emergency at the club.
  • Digital copies of your and your child’s data will only be kept on secure servers.
  • We will never sell or share your data with any other organisation.
  • We will not use you data for any marketing purposes, UNLESS it is specifically related to the aims of these clubs.
  • STRIPE have their own data protection policies regarding your payments.

Please note – these T&Cs are subject to change. We will inform you by email if they are amended.