What’s a cover charge?

Unlike most cafes, we encourage people to stay at their table for a long time, enjoying games. However this comes with an associated set of costs: we serve fewer customers, board games are expensive to replace, and simply being open is expensive in staff time and other costs.

What is your cover charge?

£2 per person, over the age of 11, for every 3 hours. Or spend £7 on food and/or drink over that time.

I don’t want to pay!

That’s fine, we have four options for you!

1) Become a member. For a monthly or annual subscription fee not only do you avoid paying the subscription charge, you also get 5% off ALL purchases (including events) made online and in the shop. You can also take games from our library home to play.

2) Spend money on food and drink. If you spend £7 per person every 3 hours (averaged, if you’re a family), the £2 fee is waived.

3) Come in at quiet times. Daytime midweek (when we open fully in September) will be free.

4) Just popping in for a coffee and snack? That’s fine too. We have a fair-usage policy: if you’re here with us, and you’re not playing games, for up to an hour, there’s no charge.

How did you work out the price?

On average we have space for about 12 people at once. So we took the costs associated with being open for 3 hours, and divided by 12. We consulted with our customers about the fairest way to make sure we could cover our costs, and this model won.