Gamers@Hart Shop Closing FAQs – Updates 10/10/20

When are you closing the shop?

Our last day will be Friday 30th October

Why are you closing your shop?

A mix of Covid19 making businesses like ours unviable and uncertainty in the economy due to Brexit.

Is Gamers@Hart folding completely?

No, only the physical shop. We’ll still have our online shop – and if things change in the spring, who knows? Our passion for games hasn’t gone anywhere – and we were really, really excited about our new ventures helping families and young people get the best from games. Things affecting our ability to bounce back include: restrictions that limit socialising; the help from the government for businesses forced to close during the pandemic; the our online sales while our physical shop is closed.

Lockdown has been tough. 2021 will have people who have felt isolated looking for low-threat places to build new friendships and reconnect with others. We hope we can offer that, even if it looks a bit different.

Is the close permanent or temporary?

We honestly don’t know yet. We would love to bounce back in spring, but there’s too much uncertainty to say. We are, as they say, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.

What happens to my membership?

Annual memberships will be refunded – you can still use your card until the day we close for discounts.

Monthly memberships will have no more payments taken – you get most of October free!

What happens to the library?

The library will be open as usual until 17th October. Then it will close to people taking games home, however it will remain open until the last day for playing games in the shop. To allow us to close the shop for a few months or more, we’ll need to pay various suppliers. To do this we will need to sell off much of our library. If we are able to bounce back, we’ll start again with the most popular games!

What about events?

All events will be happening as normal until the end. We hope to add a few more ‘farewell for now’ events in our final week, AND because we’d normally have to spread our prizes across several months you can expect improved prize pools!

In the future we hope to be able to offer events again regularly – this may even begin before we reopen a shop.

What about my preorders?

All preorders will still be honoured – and we’ll be offering more. We’re looking forward to using our website to take your orders in the future, and we’ll deliver free within Hartlepool.

How can I help?

Pop in, say hi, grab something to put aside for Christmas, book tables and play games, keep checking out our online shop… basically keep using us while we’re here 🙂