Supporting Maths Through Gaming

We believe that table top gaming offers a unique opportunity for children and young people to develop social skills, increase in confidence in academic skills, and grow problem solving strategies.

We’re delighted to offer three different Maths Clubs, for children and young people aged 6 to 11.

The aim of these clubs is to support school maths curricula, develop problem solving and strategic thinking, and promote social skills, within a friendly, fun, affirming atmosphere.

These clubs will appeal to two groups of children: those who loves maths, who can’t get enough of it, and thrive on being set extra challenges; and those who find maths tough, perhaps too abstract, and want some support disguised as playing games.

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What do the clubs include?

Pokemon TCG
Every week contributes to an ongoing league for the chosen game. We teach children how to play and provide all the resources they need to take part.

Pokemon players will play 2 matches per week.

Over the course of 12 weeks members will be part of a league.


About 45 minutes a week will be dedicated to other games. These are from our huge catalogue, that are all chosen predominantly because we find they’re enjoyable and engaging. But each game will also provide a practical application of maths skills that members have been practising.

Cards and resources

Everyone who is with us for most of a 12 week block will get their own deck to keep!

For Pokemon, each week children will develop their deck building strategy by having access to new cards to strengthen their deck. Part of the training will include advice on how to build a deck, and at the end of every session they’ll be able to swap cards between our folders with hundreds of cards to choose from, and their own decks. At the end of the current league (every 12 weeks) they will get to keep their decks!

Magic: The Gathering players will receive one booster pack per week, where they’ll be able to add cards from it to their deck. At the end of the league, they keep their decks and all other cards (a total of 10 booster packs)

They also receive a deck box and card sleeves to keep them clean and safe. This is worth over £20 for Pokemon players and £40 for MTG players.

Maths Tuition

This isn’t just about playing games.

Every week, 30 minutes will be dedicated to direct maths tuition that will provide appropriate challenges. For some members, this will provide problems that stretch and challenge their maths skills. For less confident members, this will be about providing support that complements the work they do at school.

These sessions are led by qualified teachers.

Lending Library
We currently don’t offer a lending library for people to take games away and play, unless you are part of our maths clubs.

Being able to take games home and teach others is an important part of developing communication skills and extending the influence of the club, to continue practising those skills.

Or, of course, it’s just because the game you playing on Saturday was amazing and you can’t wait to try it again!

What do we hope to achieve?

We want to provide a safe space for children to use games to develop their confidence with maths.

For some children, we want to stretch and challenge them. If your kids are problem solvers, who can’t get enough of maths puzzles, we’ll provide some real brain teasers and support them through more advanced strategies for creative approaches to problem solving.

For other children, we want to provide a safe place to gently gain confidence with the maths skills they’re learning at school, and using games to show how abstract maths principles can really help them in life.

Children of any ability and special educational need are welcome.

Free Taster Session!

The first session a child comes to will always be free. Give it a go! If they love it, they can keep coming back.



  • We currently work with children in small groups according to their level of confidence in maths, rather than split by age group
  • Pokemon for Years 2-7 (ages 6-12), 10am – 12pm

Location: Bovis House, Unit 16 (Next to the Gamers@Hart shop)


Every child can try their first session, free!

If they enjoy it, you can pay in four or twelve week blocks. This club runs through most holidays, except Christmas.

  • Pokemon: from £9.50 per week (£39 for a block of four weeks; £114 for a full term of 12 weeks).

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