New Afterschool Club

Gamers@Hart are delighted to announce their first after school club!

Every week at Throston Primary School (Hartlepool) we introduce 24 pupils to new games, like Just One, Braggart, and Zombie Dice. Most of our children have experience of playing popular board games like Monopoly, Chess and Jenga. However the board game industry is currently thriving with huge diversity and creativity in the theme and design of games, and it’s our purpose aim to show the best that the gaming world has to offer.

We’ve embedded peer-learning strategies, with eight year six pupils who are our ‘ambassadors’ who learn new games. Then, they split up and teach a group of four pupils from across Key Stage 2.

The main purpose of this club is to have fun! There’s no particular curriculum aim, although many games we use do contribute to developing confidence in maths, problem solving, and literacy. However through the use of ambassadors, we are encouraging the development of communication skills and leadership, we are also practising concentration, listening, negotiation, and cooperation.

If you’re part of a school and would be interested in using gaming to support your curriculum, you can contact gamers@hart on