New Subscription Service

We are always looking for new, innovative ways to resource gamers.

So we’ve introduced what (we think) is a UK first – an online subscription service without any prepayment.

It’s now really easy to get all the expansions for your favourite games, or all the books from the series you love.

You choose the games you want to arrive regularly – we have Marvel Champions, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Arkham Horror LCG, Aconyte Novels, and Star Wars Legion ready to go! But you can request your own personalised subscrptions too.

Key features of our service are:

  • Less risk – we only take your money as we send out the games. Where games are in short supply, subscribers get preference.
  • Only sign up once – no need to keep making manual preorders.
  • Safe and secure checkouts – we use an industry-leading subscription management service to take the regular payments
  • You’re in control! Cancel at the click of a button, skip a release with the return of an email.
  • Be informed – we send an email with everything coming up three days before any money is taken.

We’d be delighted to take any feedback about how we can further improve this new venture – of if anything isn’t clear please ask!

You can join up to our subscription service here.