One of the most obvious reasons to join a library is to experience the games you will probably only play a very limited number of times – maybe even only once!

Usually these are puzzles – once you’ve figured out the answer or explored the story you can’t really play again.

Here’s some examples from our library you could try! If you haven’t become a member of our library yet, you can do that here! Or join us at our cafe and play the game here.


After the plane crashes you know you have a limited time to find an alternative form of transport and get off this island… an island full of traps, puzzles, and a complex base to navigate through… and you only have 60 minutes to do it in!

An escape room in a box (well, actually 3 per box), these acclaimed games are incredibly easy to learn. Some cards combine to unlock new cards, other cards have hidden meanings and puzzles, some are maps or descriptions of a room, and others link to a puzzle on an accompanying app.

If you like brain teasers and logic puzzles, you’ll enjoy this! And although some puzzles can be tricky, there’s clues on the app and enough that involves a close scour of the cards keeping all ages involved.

Most games are finished in around an hour.

We have Escape Adventures and Mystery Adventures in our library, and a special Star Wars version is coming soon!


Sent back in time put right what once went wrong, in absolutely no way infringing anyone’s copyright, you attempt to unravel what has caused someone’s untimely end and seek to improve their lot.

With plenty of text to read, it feels like unravelling a small novel in reverse. There’s ambiguous clues that provide an opportunity for discussion; a story that’s understandable from 2-3 cards; multiple interpretations that can be narrowed down. In short, it provides an entertaining immersive experience for 45-60 minutes.

Ok, although I’m no philosopher of time travel, the idea of that all changes happen simultaneously seems a little… dubious. But if you can suspend disbelief and just accept the weird timey-wimey paradox, we think you’ll love them!

We have Blood in the Gutter, Cherry Blossom Festival and Curse from the Past in our library.

Chronicles of Crime

“Lay out the case, interrogate suspects, and investigate crime scenes with your phone”

An ingenious mix of board game and app sees you scan cards into your phone, attempting to solve crimes. The same game components can be used across multiple scenarios.

More rules to learn than the other games in this list, but worth it!

The base game comes with 5 scenarios, and we have one expansion in our library with an extra four!

And finally, a fourth notable game of this play-once genre include: Escape the Room, like Unlock without the app, a fun set of connected puzzles to help you get through the mystery of Dr Gravely’s secrets.

Are there any play-once games you’d like us to add to the library?

Add your suggestions here.