Marvel United: Multiverse Playmat

Due 17/7/2024


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Printed with a new graphic design, the playmat helps to organise your play area. The Mission Guide is printed directly at the centre of the playmat, with indicated slots for the Villain Dashboard, Mission Cards and everything else you need, including “Unlocked Location Effect” reminders under the Threat card slots.

Unlike the previous playmats, however, the storyline is not included inside the Multiverse playmat’s area, but just indicated along its edges. This was done to make this playmat more compact, going from 90 cm down to 70 cm in diameter, something that was often requested by people whose play area has more limited space. Players can either arrange the storyline around the playmat, following the indications, or arrange it to the side in any other way they see fit. The playmat is made of high-quality neoprene that helps keep the components in place. Stitching around the border ensures extra durability to the playmat.


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