Worms – Collector’s Edition (Kickstarter Edition)

Due August 2024


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40 - 60 minutes

age suitability


player count

2 - 6 players

This is the ‘Mayhem Pledge’ from Kickstarter.

With a super-engaging blend of fun, strategy and luck – Worms is an absolute blast, and one of those ‘just one more game’ experiences that are amazing to enjoy with friends and family.

Featuring a hex-based landscape that your Worms will move around, collecting crates, dodging mines, and getting into position with the right weapon at the right time to unleash total tabletop hilarity on your foes. Keep your team alive, whittle down the opposition, and win the day!

We have classic weapons, supplies, a destructible landscape, oil barrels, wind, and should the game go on long enough…one of several sudden death cards will be waiting at the bottom of the deck…

And of course, we have our Worms! These are some of the most downright fun miniatures we’ve ever had the privilege to work on, and they’re full of charm and humor.


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