Reopening plans!

We have the keys for our new rooms – units 14 and 15 in Bovis House (next to LilyAnne’s coffee bar). A wall has just been knocked down – everything’s looking great! Next step: decorating, then furniture, then we open J  

We’re now aiming for 25th September for our first day – but that depends on all kinds of other things going on and we want to make it look awesome! So, basically, it’ll be ready when it’s ready 🙂

Games nights and opportunities to play

We’re not open yet, but we have opportunities to play again!

Magic: The Gathering

Friday Night Magic has started again. Magic: The Gathering is the oldest and most-played trading card game. We’re currently running Modern format for more experienced players, and an Intro League. Intro league, as you might guess, is perfect for people who are relatively new to the game or looking for to play with a ready-made deck (rather than build your own). Every week, you’re given a booster pack, and allowed to tweak the deck with those cards – gradually improving your deck over the weeks! FNM is hosted by LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar.

Other events – including Commander and weekend events will follow shortly, when the shop’s open.

Pokemon/MTG Battle Academies for Young People

We’ve started a new set of clubs for kids!

We cater for all ages from 6 to 14, and every week we teach and play Pokemon (younger groups) and Magic: The Gathering (older group), then have some fun, interactive, problem solving maths activities, and end with other games that also develop maths skills.

These clubs are ideal for kids who love extra maths challenges, or find maths a little too abstract and want to see how it works

Games nights, RPGs, YuGiOh, and more….

Are you wondering about what’s happened to all the other events we used to do? Sunday afternoon X-Wing? Thursday Night LCGs? Wednesday RPGs? Tuesday YGO?

Well, things may look a little different, but we’re committed to bringing back as many of these as people want to play, using community venues.

We also have People’s Meeples – the community organisation that’s run by some of our regular customers, that used to organise the Autism Friendly Nights. They have funding to restart games nights and RPGs post-lockdown.

Facebook groups

If you want to meet like-minded people, keep updated about events, and share in general gaming chat, we have these Facebook groups. For some of the most in-demand items, we also have special offers, so our regular customers don’t have to play inflated prices for rare games:

LCGs (including Keyforge)

Magic: The Gathering



General board gaming


Top sellers

What we’ve sold most of this August:

Marvel Champions: The Mad Titan’s Shadow was our biggest seller in August, thanks to Marvel Champions being our largest subscription. We get 1 MC release a month – usually a hero pack, with cards that you can use to play as a hero and defeat one of your favourite Marvel Villians. These twice-yearly campaign boxes introduce a whole new story arch, and this time we take down Thanos (or not).

Hoenn – Every month in 2021 Pokemon are launching large-format, special edition collectible cards for different regions in the Pokemon lore. Hoenn became a biggest seller in August.  

Marvel Crisis Protocol – thanks to our new subscription service you can expect to see the latest Marvel Crisis Protocol expansions near the top of pretty much every month now. Create your set of superheroes and battle in a duel, throwing cars and jumping off buildings, recreating your favourite Avengers moments. August saw the release of Captain America, Jean Grey and Red Omega.

Lord of the Rings: Journey’s in Middle Earth is probably our favourite of the new wave of app-based campaign games. While you move around, exploring a physical board, interacting with tokens, and battling enemies – the app provides the story and the consequences for your actions (like a virtual games master). Shadowed Paths was the first large expansion, virtually doubling the content of the base game. This restock sold out before we’d even received the stock in! If you missed out don’t worry, the second expansion is coming soon.

Some random things sometimes hit our top sellers in a month just because a few people buy up our stock a game becomes rare – that’s exactly what happened here. Star Wars Legion Snow Troopers – no longer in stock (reprinting soon though), and a little hard to find in other places too.


We’re now taking preorders on these games from Kickstarter:

Isle of Cats: Don’t Forget The Kittens kickstarter, with various expansions and ‘Explore and Draw’.

Canvas Reflections (expansion)

So, You’ve Been Eaten

On The Underground

Stroganov (Standard and deluxe)

Cult of the Deep (standard and deluxe)

Return to Dark Tower plus expansions

After the Empire Deluxe Kickstarter Edition

Streets standard and deluxe

Kickstarters we’ve recently backed

Flamecraft delux, standard, and extras

Doomtown Weird West Edition

SHASN and SHASN: Azadi