Munchkin: Disney


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If you’ve longed to live your days as a Disney hero, villain, or princess, you’ll now have the chance to do so as the role-playing card game?Munchkin: Disney?brings “tales as old as time” to life on the tabletop!

Munchkin: Disney?combines the treasure-hunting, back-stabbing, and leveling-up fun of the best-selling card game?Munchkin?with timeless Disney characters, phrases, and objects. Kick open a door to encounter monsters like infamous villains Jafar and Ursula, while trying to avoid curses such as Forever Asleep and Poison! Obtaining the glorious treasure cards will fill your hands with bonus items, abilities, and allies including Maui’s Hook, Magic Carpet, or Elsa, which can assist in combat, help, or hinder other players whose objective is also to reach Level 10.

With the flick of a wand, special “Disney Magic” directives benefit the card holders who sing or hum a Disney movie tune. These and other hilarious challenges await players who are ready to relive their favourite Disney moments, while literally bursting into song!