Battleship – Hidden Threat – Card Game


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“Brace yourself for search-and-destroy battle intensity as you compete with the enemy to keep your ships afloat. Play peg cards and power cards to find, hit and sink your opponent?s fleet of five ships. Each ship has a special power! Choose from beginner or advanced rules for edge-of-your seat excitement.Includes 24 coordinate cards, 52 destruction cards, 4 reference cards and instructions.”

Game play:

To begin, each player shuffles and places their twelve Coordinate cards facedown in a 3×4 grid. They then draw five cards from their Destruction Card deck. Players take turns playing one card, then re-drawing up to five cards in hand.

Players can play the following cards:

1) white peg cards to search for ships in the other player’s grid;

2) red peg cards (of variable strength) that damage revealed ships;

3) Power cards that have variable abilities.

In addition, revealed ships guide their players additional powers, allowing for rule-bending changes to the game.

The first player to eliminate all five of their opponent’s ships wins!