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“I’m telling you something isn’t right…” whined the rogue.

“Shut it Tanlyn. And keep your mind on the quest before us. No more talk of ‘seeing a doppelg?nger.'” Bogrim the barbarian readied his great sword for the encounter ahead as the rest of the party drew close.

“This will not end well.” Tanlyn replied. She kept her hand resting on the familiar weight of her dagger’s pommel. Someone here was a traitor… if only she knew who.

Doppelg?nger?is a hidden role game designed by Steve Avery and Robert Burke. Each player takes the role of an intrepid adventurer who will help the group overcome great perils. However, some among them are conniving doppelg?ngers who work against the party to bring their downfall.

Each turn the players confront a challenge that requires teamwork. The party leader selects which adventurers will help him win the encounter. Everyone selected contributes a card to the pool, and others are added from the draw pile. The party leader then distributes one item to each party member to help them in their quest. Success brings rewards and moves the party closer to uncovering the hidden truth. Failure brings pain and moves the doppelg?ngers one step closer to victory.

Doppelg?nger?feels like a fast, co-operative dungeon delve, but with the added tension of significant distrust.

Game Overview

Each round, the players confront a new Quest that requires teamwork, and a rotating Party Leader selects which adventurers go on that Quest. Every player selected contributes one Item card to a common pool, and other items are added randomly from the draw pile. These cards can be helpful, non-helpful, or even harmful. The Party Leader distributes one card to each party member, and the Quest commences, with each player taking a turn using the item they were given, if able. To use the items given, each player uses dice that are secretly pulled and rolled, but beware, doppelg?ngers may choose to roll cursed dice! If the party succeeds, the Party Leader may search for an Artifact of Light. Find three of these, and the loyal adventurers win the game. However, if a Quest fails, an Artifact of Darkness may be found, and if three are uncovered, the doppelg?ngers win. Players must also take care to watch their health, because if any player dies, the game ends, and the dead player’s loyalty determines the winners and losers.