HABA My First Orchard


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This version of Haba’s “Orchard” game is perfect for younger players (2+).? The rules have been simplified and the game material is especially designed for small children?s hands. The beautiful and handy wooden pieces are also very suitable for free play and fostering better motor skills. By talking with your child about the colours and shapes of the wooden pieces, you can help to develop your child?s language, auditory and creative skills as well as enhancing the joy of playing. This is a co-operative game so players work together towards a shared goal (filling the fruit basket).?
?1 raven, 1 fruit basket, 4 green apples, 4 red apples, 4 yellow pears, 4 blue plums, 5 path cards, 4 trees, 1 colour-symbol die, set of game instructions.
Put the four trees in the centre of the table and place the corresponding fruits on each card. Arrange the five path cards into a row next to the trees.? Now place the raven in front of the first path card.
Get the basket and the dice ready.
The player who most recently ate and apple goes first!
1. Each player takes a turn to roll the dice.? If the dice face shows a colour, they add the piece of fruit matching that colour to their fruit basket.? If all the fruit of that colour has been taken, nothing happens.
2. If the dice shows the fruit basket, add any piece of fruit to your basket.
3. If the dice shows the Raven, then the Raven figure advances up the path towards the orchard.
If the players succeed in harvesting all the fruit and have it all in the basket before the Raven
has reached the orchard, they win together; as a team they have been quicker than the
voracious Raven.
If the Raven passes the last path card and stands in the orchard before all the fruits have been
picked, the players lose together against the quick, ravenous thief.