Gloom Grief Case


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Preorder – Due from kickstarter, spring 2021 

Gloom Grief Case at a Glance

  • A luxurious deluxe storage box for Gloom.
  • Large enough to hold ALL the Gloom standalone games and expansions.
  • Includes handy card dividers for sorting.

Inside the Black Box: Gloom Grief Case Basics

Gloom fans have been asking for it for years, and it’s finally here … a box big enough for ALL your Gloom games! This luxurious case is large enough to hold every Gloom game produced thus far — roughly 1500 Gloom cards — plus all your rules and extras, as well as your darkest secrets. (We’ve even made it large enough to accommodate another four full Gloom games or eight expansions, in case you add new Gloom games to your collection someday!) The deluxe box comes with its own card dividers, so you can sort and cross-reference your cards in whatever way delights you most.