King of Tokyo 2nd Edition: Anubis Monster Pack 03


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In this pack you get the Anubis standee and base plus two sets of Power Up cards for use in both King of Tokyo and King of New York that give Anubis some wonderfully thematic special powers, known as Evolutions, such as “Majesty of the Pyramids” and “Day of the Jackal”. To play with the Anubis Evolutions you will need the Power Up! expansion for your base game.

In-keeping with the Ancient Egyptian theme, the new feature in this pack, the die of Fate is a pyramid-shaped D4 that will deliver curses and blessings to the players. You will need to shuffle the pack of 24 Curse cards at the start of the game to form a face-down draw pile. Reveal and read the top card; this Curse will now affect all players until it is replaced by the next one.

The die of Fate it is rolled with the other dice, in the normal way – you can re-roll it or set it aside, just like the other dice (but Keep and Evolution cards that modify dice rolls have no effect on the die of Fate). The die of Fate must always be resolved and it must be done before you resolve the other dice. The hieroglyph at the top of the die (pyramid) shows the result.

Die of Fate effects can require you to discard the current Curse and reveal the next one, keep the current card’s permanent effect active, suffer the Snake effect or receive the blessing of the Ankh effect on the current Curse card. Additionally, only one player can possess the Golden Scarab, which exerts powerful affects on certain certain curse cards.

With this great value Monster Pack your games of King of Tokyo and King of New York will never be the same again!