Mayday Board Game Card Sleeves 80mm x 120mm


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50x Premium Large Sized Card Sleeves #3: 80 MM X 120 MM Sleeves for Dixit and more!

These premium sleeves are 0.9mm in thickness, that’s over twice the thickness of the standard sleeves.

These fit the following games: New Era, Mascarade, Flash Point: Fire & Rescue, Tides of Time, Fleet: Arctic Bounty, Love Letter (Pegasus Spiele German ), Lap Dance (Large Cards), Fleet, Strife: Legacy of the Eternals Cube Factory, Nefarious, Capes & Cowls: The Superhero Board Game, Fleet + expansion, Funkenschlag, Duel of Ages II, Beasty Bar, Planet Steam (LudoArt edition, Heidelberger Spieleverlag edition), Shadows over the Empire, Dixit, Dixit Odyssey, Dixit: Journey, Dixit2, Tajemnicze Domostwo (Large Cards), Fauna