MTG: Intro League




Venue: LilyAnne’s Coffee Bar (Victoria Road)

When: Doors open 6pm, start at 6:30pm

What happens: You’re given a ‘theme booster’ – this has 35 cards of 1 or 2 colours. Then, you add your choice of land. This gives you a deck to play with.

You play 3 rounds, each round lasting 45 minutes. Each round is a ‘best of 3’ against one other player.

At the end of the night, people in the top 3 receive special promos to take home. Everyone receives a booster pack. You can add cards from this to your deck. If you lose all three of your games, you have an option of buying an extra pack to give your deck a boost.

We look after your deck during the league – you get to take it home at the end of 14 weeks (mid-December).

How does the league work? We count up your wins. The final week, the top 8 battle it out for prizes!

If you miss a week, you can play catch up games with other people who also missed a week.

Cost: £13 for your first week (including a deck, deck box, booster pack, and free soft drink)

£6 every subsequent week (for booster pack & free soft drink)

Or sign up for all 13 weeks in advance for £80

Covid Safe: Masks are welcome to be warn, but not compulsory. Every table will have hand sanitiser – please use it every round, and before touching someone else’s cards.

How to book: Is it your first time? Choose ‘My First Event’ from the dropdown menu above.

If you’ve been before, click the week you want to book:

First Week – 10th September 2021
Second Week – 17th Sept
Third Week – 24th Sept
Fourth Week – 1st Oct
Fifth Week – 8th Oct
Sixth Week – 15th Oct
Seventh Week – 22nd Oct
Eighth Week – 29th Oct
5th November – League Break
Ninth Week – 12th November
Tenth Week – 19th Nov
Eleventh Week – 26th Nov
Twelfth Week – 3rd Dec
League Finale – 10th Dec

Alternatively, you can pay on the door.

What if I haven’t ever played before? MTG is very easy to learn the basics. Arrive at 6pm and we can teach you – by 6:30 you’ll be an expert!

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