Scythe: The Wind Gambit (expansion)


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As the second expansion released, Scythe: The Wind Gambit adds two major modules to the base game experience. Contained in a small box with stunning artwork reflecting the new steam powered airships within, Scythe: The Wind Gambit is another superb addition to the collection. The expansion contains two modules that can be implemented in conjunction with the base game and the previously released expansion. The first module and main draw of this pack is the huge plastic airships on clear stands that come in all of the player colours, including both factions from the first expansion. At the start of the game two tiles from a collection of 16 are drawn, which give a random passive and aggressive ability to all players airships. Each airship begins the game on the player home base but is free to move over any territory.

The airship can also transport workers and resources dependent on the tile drawn. New or old players can play the airship module, as the complexity level does not rise drastically. On the map, the new models look stunning as they glide across the sky. The second module is a collection of eight tiles that alter the end game conditions to add variance to how the final part is triggered. These can affect how the game is played and offers a very different experience to trying to gain the six stars. One example of this is the card, ‘Factory Explosion.’ Essentially once a player gains their fifth star, they gain $5. All players have two more full turns and then the Factory in the middle of the map explodes forcing all units on it and the adjacent hexes to retreat to their home base. Each player gains one popularity point for every unit affected leading to an end game rush to place units in the firing line to bump up their score. Scythe: The Wind Gambit continues to build upon the excellent engine of the 4X base game as well as enhancing the world mythology.

As optional modules they can be swapped in and out to give different experiences. Player count: 1-7 Time: 70-140 minutes Age rating: 14+