SHASN: Presidential Edition


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Description from Kickstarter:

An epic game of politics, ethics, and strategy for 3-5 players. Capture, gerrymander, and maybe even betray your morals to win.

Area control meets resource management meets social strategy in this high-octane simulation of real world politics.

As a politician campaigning for the future, you will have to make hard choices every step of the way. Clinch policies. Get voters chanting your name at the polls. Spread and solidify your influence. Unhinge your enemies and let slip the dogs of war.

Strategize. Scheme. Dominate. Prevail. (And don’t forget to watch your back.)

Presidential edition includes:

  • Kickstarter Edition of SHASN
  • USA 2020 Campaign
  • India 2020 Campaign
  • Earth 2040 Campaign
  • Rome 40 BCE Campaign