Unmatched: Robin Hood v Big Foot


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Unmatched Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot, from Mondo Games, is a standalone expansion for the Unmatched series of card-based skirmish games.
The game contains a small, double sided board that combat will take place on. There are connected paths, with each space having between 1-3 different terrain types, allowing for Melee or ranged combat.

Players decide which character to play as and place their pre-shaded miniature onto the starting space on the board and collect your sidekicks. Bigfoot has a Jackalope plastic token that is deployed to the board and Robin Hood has four plastic merry men tokens that are deployed.

Players take their character’s 30 action cards and shuffle them drawing a hand of 5 cards and collects the character turn order card. This details the specifics of each character’s movement allowance and any other abilities, including details on the abilities of their specific sidekick. On their turn’s players must take two actions. They can manoeuvre, drawing a card and then optionally moving their character. They can scheme which is playing a specific action card with an immediate effect or they can choose to attack their opponent or sidekick, using either their hero or sidekick cards. They play an attack card facedown and the attacked player ca play a defence card. These are resolved and any damage recorded on the hero/sidekick counter dials.

Play continues until one player has defeated their opponent’s hero.

Component quality is stunning, and the stylised artwork makes this game eye catching.

Gameplay is strategic, challenging, easy to pick up and teach and a whole lot of fun. This is a great addition to the core game but can be played on its own with the two characters included.

Number of players 2
Game length 20 mins
Age range 9+