Warhammer 40k: Eldritch Omens


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The Eldritch Omens battlebox contains 16 miniatures split between two forces. 15 of these are brand new and currently only available in this box, and one is a classic Forgefiend, which you can also build as a melee-focused Maulerfiend.

The Aeldari half is commanded by the new multi-part Autarch. This unmatched warrior boasts a smorgasbord of loadout options, befitting one who has walked every Path of the Warrior and emerged with the skills to pay the bills. They’re backed up by five detailed Rangers, complete with cameleoline cloaks, nasty long rifles, and plenty of kit choices. Three Shroud Runners add a dash of mobility, placing Rangers on speedy new Raptor jetbikes to snipe targets before screaming off into the distance.

The Aeldari will need all that new tech and more, because they’re up against a nefarious Warpsmith. A dark reflection of the Imperium’s revered Techmarines, this insidious engineer is covered in all sorts of evil mechatendrils, spikes, and industrial trim. He’s backed up by five surly new Chosen. Decked out with vicious weaponry and ornate armour, these elite Heretic Astartes are determined to give the Aeldari a terrible time. With a Forgefiend at their side, that might not be too remote a prospect.

Eldritch Omens also contains a 32-page booklet featuring datasheets, narrative missions, and a new Theatre of War for you to play out the battle for the Maiden world of Daethe. You’ll also get over 700 transfers, split between Aeldari emblems and Chaos Legion logos, which will let you detail your forces however you choose.