Warhammer AGE OF SIGMAR: Fury of the Deep


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  • 1x Auric Flamekeeper
  • 5x Auric Hearthguard, also able to be built as Hearthguard Berzerkers
  • 5x Hearthguard Berzerkers, also able to be built as Auric Hearthguard
  • 10x Vulkite Berzerkers


  • 1x Akhelian Thrallmaster
  • 1x Akhellian Allopex
  • 10x Namarti Reavers
  • 10x Namarti Thralls

You’ll also find:

  • A 56-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Rules book
  • A 40-page Fury of the Deep booklet
  • 9 Warscroll Cards
  • 1 Token Board
  • 27 Tokens
  • 2 Range Rulers (9”)
  • 45 x 32mm Citadel round bases
  • 1 x 90×52.5mm Citadel oval base

The Fury of the Deep booklet outlines the narrative of the battle for Ryftmar in Aqshy, where the Idoneth Deepkin rise from the Vitriol Sea to reap the souls of the furious Fyreslayers. Learn more about the Realm of Fire, and discover a new spell, a Realm Command, Realmscape Features, and three new battleplans to be used in open and narrative play.

You will also find a copy of the core rules in this box. This book contains a Conquest Unbound section featuring rules for more unusual types of battles in the Mortal Realms including Siege Warfare, Tunnel Fighting, and Triumph and Treachery multiplayer games for three or more factions.


Whether you’re eager to reap the soul harvest or determined to kindle the embers of your dying home back into a roaring fire, you will find a sizeable force in this box to suit your needs, as well as two brand new miniatures. Bolster your existing army with reinforcements or choose a side in the battle for Ryftmar and start a new fighting force.