We’re delighted with how many people are showing an interest in our two new ‘Geek Rooms’ – one for people who would enjoy delving into the world’s most popular collectible card game, and one for general board and card games.

Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked. If you have any questions please send them in – our email address is info@gamersathart.co.uk

What happens if we enter a local lockdown?

We will follow the local guidelines. It is likely we will be required to close The Geek Room. In this case, you are welcome to receive either a refund for any sessions that haven’t been completed, or carry the remaining sessions over until the lockdown is over.

Is this suitable for a child with ASC/Aspergers?


All staff have either had ASC awareness training or are qualified teachers. We are providing a safe space for children and young people who enjoy problem solving or gaming to meet other people with similar interests. Part of our mission is to create an inclusive environment, and to develop an inclusive attitude amongst our members.

In fact we would go even further – gaming can be a great way for anyone who finds socialising difficult. It provides social situations with clear boundaries, where conversation and communication have a clear focus. You can talk to people about what is happening in front of you as the game unfolds, and afterwards there’s an immediate shared experience to base conversation on.

What if my child doesn’t enjoy it?

We believe the small groups, friendly leaders, and entertaining and fulfilling games will be enjoyed by all. But if your child doesn’t enjoy The Geek Room we will offer a refund for any sessions that have not been completed.

What particular procedures will you be following regarding Covid19?

Children will be in bubbles of 4, and they will not interact with other bubbles. They will be spaced 2m apart from other bubbles, and each child will be 1.2m from other children in their bubble.

All the usual procedures stand, including: wearing masks is compulsory for over 12s (unless they are exempt) and recommended for younger children where it will not cause distress, using hand sanitizer often, and games that are played are quarantined for 3 days.

What do you hope children and young people will get out of taking part?

  • New friends
  • A new hobby
  • Increased confidence to take risks and trust in their ability to make sound judgements
  • Increased ability to problem solve, be able to articulate reasoning for choices, and ability to make strategic decisions
  • Improvements in a range of academic subjects covered in our monthly focus on games
  • Increased concentration and willingness to cooperate.

Can I stay? Can I leave my child?

Yes, and yes. Our leaders have a DBS check, and large amount of experience as teachers and youth and children’s workers if you want to feel comfortable leaving your child. And we do have a small number of extra tables downstairs you are welcome to sit at if you would prefer to stay.