MicroMacro Crime City – £19.99, rrp £25.99

What you do:Unfold the giant map and, Where’s Wally style, scour it for clues to piece together what happened.
Why it’s great:With 16 cases this game has loads of replayability. It’s a new, innovative idea – bringing something fresh to board games!
Who’s it forAnyone who loves puzzles or searching over large maps. The official age is 12+, but when playing with adults we think the youngest children will still enjoy searching for clues in this game!

But be aware, some of the scenarios cover more serious crimes, so discretion is advised with young children.

Camel Up – £27.99, rrp £36.99

What you do:Bet on the outcome of a camel race as it unfolds before you, a round at a time.
Why it’s great:Although a cute design, this game is genuinely nail biting – especially in the final stages. The mechanism for moving the camels doesn’t sound particularly amazing – you randomly select a colour to move. But camels on the same space stand one on top of the other – if you select the camel at the bottom, all those camels move – so the race can change so quickly!
Who’s it forOfficial age is 8+, but this game definitely works for children of any school age right up to adults.

Pokemon – £17.99, rrp £24.99

What you do:Collect the cards, or play the game!
Why it’s great:Pokemon is a perennial favourite. The game is easy enough to get started with, but lots of people just prefer to collect all the cards from each set.
Who’s it forIf you’re into collecting, we suggest the new tins – but if you want to learn to play, we suggest the new Battle Decks as a great way to learn!

Men At Work – £35.49, rrp £47.99

What you do:Balance little men and wooden girders to earn points. Like reverse-Jenga.
Why it’s great:Very simple to learn, and a test of dexterity as much as strategy.
Who’s it forAll ages 🙂

Dinosaur Island – £44.99, rrp £65

What you do:Compete with other people to create the best dinosaur theme park! Roll dice, collect DNA, and take actions to create your very own attractions.
Why it’s great:Because it’s Jurassic Park: The Board Game, without the licence 🙂
Who’s it forThis game is probably one for people who have some experience of playing games. If you already enjoy family favourites like Quacks of Quedlinburg, New York Zoo, or King of Tokyo – it’s a small step up in complexity from those.

Official age is 8+, but we’d perhaps recommend 10+if you’re new to gaming.