This summer, we’re running a 2 week holiday club for 11 to 16 year olds with a love of gaming – or people who want to try out some new hobbies!

Open to all young people, this is a great place to learn D&D (particularly if you’ve been watching Stranger Things and what to see what it’s all about), learn to duel in YuGiOh (especially if you love the anime), paint minis from Warhammer 40k (just like Henry Cavill), learn Magic: The Gathering (the game every self-confessed geek should try at least once), or any number of other games from our collection!

From 11am to 3pm, Tuesday to Friday, these clubs run from:

2nd to 5th August, and

9th to 12th August

At the Stranton Centre (arrive at the main entrance to Stranton Primary School, we’re using the centre on the right hand side).

Registration is free but essential, you can sign up by clicking here – Hartlepool Holiday Fun | HBC Online – Section 1 – And finding ‘Welcome To The Dungeon’.

These clubs also provide a nutritious lunch. And it’ll all free to you, as part of the Hartlepool Holiday Fun programme!

The clubs build on the success of our primary age holiday clubs, you can sign up to those on the HBC website and find out more information here. Currently only Ward Jackson Primary School and Headland have space.