We’re a small, local business in Hartlepool. But why should you buy from us?

  1. Economics: We keep our prices amongst the cheapest on the internet. We don’t over-order, which prevents wastage, but does mean you sometimes have to be fast to get the most sought after new releases. See how we compare at www.boardgameprices.co.uk
  2. Supporting Communities: We support local people. For example, we’re giving away literacy game bundles and resources to families, running holiday clubs as part of the ‘Holiday Activities and Food’ project
  3. Gentle emotional manipulation: As with many businesses, we’re victims of the 2020 pandemic. Now you shouldn’t just buy from us out of pity – but if we’re about the same price as other places you’ve seen a game, perhaps choose us because you’ll be helping us bounce back in 2021. In particular, we’ve always been running events that build community in times of isolation; develop social and educational skills amongst children and young people; and with our community organisation ‘Peoples Meeples’ we ran weekly ‘autism friendly’ nights. When we reopen, we’ll be focussing on rebuilding the social fabric of the North East by:
    1. Combatting isolation. The pandemic has been hardest on those who were already most vulnerable. We don’t need the luxury of a shop to bring people together. We have a plan for running events where people can meet each other, start gaming groups, and see where things go.
    2. Provide for missed education. We’re not just talking about 6 months out of school, or rolling 2 week periods of isolation whenever bubbles burst… we’re talking about building the confidence to learn effectively, providing networks of support to young people, and using games to develop academic skills in a fun and inclusive environment.
    3. Support vulnerable groups. Pre-lockdown, we ran Autism Friendly Nights, we were a venue for vulnerable adults, and were naturally a place for many people with mental health issues to find a safe, inclusive environment with no judgement and minimum expectations. We will redouble our efforts here in 2021.
  4. Perfect games: We care about the state of your games. From us, you’ll get nothing but the best packaging to ensure everything arrives in perfect condition. If it doesn’t, please contact us and we’ll find a solution.
  5. Safety: We opened in December 2014, but our online presence was thin until the pandemic forced us online. So although we might feel new, we’re not! We have a great reputation and we don’t want to damage that. Check out our years’ worth of posts, pictures, and games on our facebook page.
  6. Eco-friendly packaging: Although we sometimes recycle packaging, you will usually find compostable packing peanuts and bubble-wrap.