So you want to know who you’re buying from?

We’re a family business, made up of Jeni, Peter, Rebekah and Daniel. Until Covid, we had a dedicated team of staff too – but for now, it’s just us taking your orders and packaging your games.

Until Covid-19 struck we were a gaming cafe with a huge number of events, and saw dozens of gamers every week, come in to to play. It was a genuine community, where new people met regulars and built lasting friendships – friendships that have kept going through lockdown(s).

We need to rebuild our capital to reopen. We have a target of selling 3000 items by August. Everything you buy gets us one step closer to reopening in a new building – please help if you can!

So everything below is what we were about – and hope to be again – but right now, we exist mainly to provide you with games at excellent prices to get you through the pandemic, ready to bounce back when 2021 allows.

We believe table top gaming has the ability to build communities, foster friendships, and facilitate the development of physical, social, and cognitive skills.

Therefore, Gamers@Hart exists to:

  • Create a safe and welcome space for people to play board, card and role playing games.
  • Provide a reasonably priced shop for the best new and classic games, for all ages and interests.
  • resource local gamers.
  • provide events and organised play opportunities for gamers.
  • provide educational opportunities and resources using games.
  • promote the social and educational benefit of gaming.

We do this through:

  • Stocking good quality products that we are proud to sell.
  • Providing fantastic food and drink while people play.
  • Maintaining Facebook groups that support our community.
  • Keeping a well resources website with information and advice on using games.
  • Having organised play opportunities for all ages.
  • Providing membership opportunities for local gamers.
  • Providing discounts to members on all items.
  • Maintaining a well-stocked library that members can use.

Although our current situation with Covid19 makes the future unclear, our physical shop is closing at the end of October 2020, and we can no longer run organised events thanks to local restrictions – Gamers@Hart still exists, and we still believe in this mission. 2021 might look very different, but we’re committed to fulfilling this in new and exciting ways. If you’re buying from our shop just to support us, instead of other larger businesses, thank you for increasing the chance we’ll be able to start running properly again.

While doing this, we particularly value:

  • Inclusion. We want everyone to feel they are welcome to join the Gamers@Hart community.
  • Fairness. We want everyone to feel they have been treated fairly, according to their needs.
  • Respect. We want everyone to feel respected and valued, in turn we expect our staff to be respected.
  • Community. We recognise communities can be messy, but we celebrate it anyway. We want everyone to feel Gamers@Hart belongs to them, whether they are with us frequently or occasionally.
  • Safety. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, seek to minimise accidents, and implement good practice for safeguarding.

Legal Bits:

Gamers@Hart Ltd
Company number: 12573427

Registered address:
102 York Road
TS26 9DE