So you want to know who you’re buying from?

We’re a family business, made up of Jeni, Peter, Rebekah and Daniel. Until Covid, we had a dedicated team of staff too – but for now, it’s just us taking your orders and packaging your games.

We sell games from our shop on Victoria Road, Hartlepool, and we run events and clubs across a range of community venues (opening mid-September).

We believe table top gaming has the ability to build communities, foster friendships, and facilitate the development of physical, social, and cognitive skills.

Therefore, Gamers@Hart exists to:

  • Create a safe and welcome space for people to play board, card and role playing games.
  • Provide a reasonably priced shop for the best new and classic games, for all ages and interests.
  • resource local gamers.
  • provide events and organised play opportunities for gamers.
  • provide educational opportunities and resources using games.
  • promote the social and educational benefit of gaming.

We do this through:

  • Stocking good quality products that we are proud to sell.
  • Maintaining Facebook groups that support our community.
  • Keeping a well resources website with information and advice on using games.
  • Having organised play opportunities for all ages.
  • Running holiday and after school clubs for children
  • Maintaining a well-stocked library.

While doing this, we particularly value:

  • Inclusion. We want everyone to feel they are welcome to join the Gamers@Hart community.
  • Fairness. We want everyone to feel they have been treated fairly, according to their needs.
  • Respect. We want everyone to feel respected and valued, in turn we expect our staff to be respected.
  • Community. We recognise communities can be messy, but we celebrate it anyway. We want everyone to feel Gamers@Hart belongs to them, whether they are with us frequently or occasionally.
  • Safety. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, seek to minimise accidents, and implement good practice for safeguarding.

Legal Bits:

Gamers@Hart Ltd
Company number: 12573427

VAT Number: 410305364

Registered address:
Unit 14/15
Bovis House
TS24 7SE

Opening hours

10-5 Saturdays
1-5pm midweek