Supporting Maths Through Gaming

We’re delighted to offer three different ‘Battle Academies’, for children and young people aged 6 to 14.

The aim of these clubs is to support school maths curricula, develop problem solving and strategic thinking, and promote social skills, within a friendly, fun, affirming atmosphere.

These clubs will appeal to two groups of children: those who loves maths, who can’t get enough of it, and thrive on being set extra challenges; and those who find maths tough, perhaps too abstract, and want some support disguised as playing games.

We summarise our aims in three words. We want children and young people to:

  • Learn – develop new maths skills, learn new games, create new strategies and tactics.
  • Challenge – members will be given a suitable level of challenge, gently challenging those who speed through maths, and supporting those who need more help.
  • Grow – socially, as well as academically, we support young people’s communication, leadership, and problem solving skills.

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Small Group Tuition

Each group is run with a qualified teacher, and will include direct tuition on areas of development for each member of the club. These sessions will be personalised to the needs of the group, and include engaging and imaginative activities members will love! For children who love maths, this will offer tailored challenges to stretch their ability. For children who find maths tough, this will offer gentle support to bolster the work they complete through school.

Pokemon Trading Card Game/Magic: The Gathering

Pokemon is a perennial favourite amongst children, and Magic: The Gathering is the worlds most popular collectible card game, with an increased level of strategy for young people. Each week children will either learn their game, or spend 45 minutes playing other members in a league.

We use Pokemon partly because children love the game – but also because through playing children are making at least 40 calculations, mostly addition, subtraction, and simple multiplication. However these calculations are often simultaneous, putting demands on the player’s working memory. And these calculations are useful – by adding up and comparing multiple options they develop a strategy for how to play well. Although it’s possible to play the game without doing calculations in advance, players will be encouraged to think through their strategy and plan several turns ahead, according to their ability.

Magic: The Gathering is suitable for older players as it has more possibilities for deck building (creating the deck of cards that you play with). It moves beyond basic operations, and introduces concepts like algebra and algorithms. In the game, the player takes the role of a powerful magic-wielder (a Planeswalker), who summons creatures and casts spells in battle against another planeswalker. It’s the oldest, best known, and most popular collectible card game in the world!

Both games require an understanding of probability for deck building – they’re also both easy to differentiate, making this club suitable for children of all abilities who are looking for a challenge. For some children, practising calculations as they come to them will be a challenge; but for others we’ll encourage more advanced strategies.

Maths Games

Every week we’ll introduce new games that put maths into practise, drawn from our experience using tabletop games over the last seven years. Children will also have the opportunity to borrow games to take home and teach the family!


Your child will receive:

  • Personalised, small group tuition in maths
  • Training in Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering
  • Entry into a league for their card game
  • Every 12 weeks children will get own deck and equipment to keep, worth over £20 for Pokemon and £40 for MTG.
  • A drink and healthy snack
  • Opportunity to build friendships and develop confidence in social situations
  • Games to loan

A typical session will look like:

  • 45 minutes: Pokemon/MTG League
  • 30 minutes: Personalised small group maths tuition
  • 45 minutes: Other maths games

Timings for each group:

  • Pokemon for Years 2-4 (ages 6-9), 10am – 12pm
  • Pokemon for Years 5-8 (ages 9-13), 12:30pm – 2:30pm
  • MTG for Years 7 – 9 (ages 11-14), 2:45pm – 4:45pm

Location: Hartlepower – A large white building next to The Causeway Pub: 81 Stranton, TS24 7QT


Every child can try their first session, free!

If they enjoy it, you can pay in four or twelve week blocks. This club runs through most holidays, except Christmas.

  • Pokemon: from £9.50 per week (£39 for a block of four weeks; £114 for a full term of 12 weeks).
  • Magic: The Gathering: from £10.75 per week (£44 for a block of 4 weeks; £129 for a full term of 12 weeks).

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