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We have a preordering system in which you present your card details to our payment gateway, however you are not charged until the game is about to be sent out – this is usually about a week before the release day. You’re in control – cancel any time up until payment is taken! Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the ‘preorder’ button, just as if you’re buying any other game.

2. You can only have one type of game (although you can order multiple of that single game) at a time – that’s so we don’t charge you too much if the games you want arrive at different times. It’s really quick and easy to order – you can save all your card details for speedy re-ordering.

3. Do you realise you don’t want it? Has something changed? Can’t afford it any more? Just go to your account, click ‘preorders’, then click ‘cancel’.


Here’s some things to note:

  1. You can only checkout one preorder at a time, and NO ‘in stock’ items. If you have been charged shipping (only orders under £20), and we are able to combine different orders into 1, you will be refunded. You can preorder multiple of the same item.
  2. You will checkout as normal.
  3. You will not be charged until around 7 days before you receive the game/item.
  4. Games can often come in earlier or later than expected. The release date is an estimate. You will receive a notification when your card is charged, which will include an estimated delivery date.
  5. If the card is declined for any reason, you will receive an email asking you to provide new details. Please note – for high-demand items we may only be able to hold your order for a week if payment is not successful.
  6. You can cancel your order at any time by logging onto your account and clicking ‘orders’ – but please note, the gap between taking payment and shipping is usually very short. It is highly likely that after taking payment, you would need to wait for the product to be received, then follow our returns procedure. We recommend you make a note of your preorders and cancel them before we charge your card to avoid any postage costs.

Why do some preorders say ‘X stock available’?

This is purely an administrative aid for helping to manage our stock particularly for the most in-demand items. If a preorder has a stock number next to it, it is not actually on our shelves.

What happens if an order fails when the preorder tries to complete?

It’s possible to get an ‘order failed’ email.

Don’t worry! This does not affect your product – the item will not be relisted or resold until you’ve had an opportunity to provide a new payment method. There’s also no charges or fees for re-entering card details.

This is an automated system – we click a button to say your products are almost ready to ship, our website then tries to charge your payment card. Sometimes this can fail for a few reasons:

  • Error inputting details into the website – some details (e.g. whether the card number is accurate) are checked by our payment gateway in advance, but others aren’t. You may have made a simple mistake with your name, address, or other bank card details.
  • Insufficient funds in your account (we’ve all been there!)
  • Card has expired between preordering and paying – this is the most common one!
  • Due to updates on the website, it’s possible the secure link between your preorder and our payment gateway is broken as a security measure.

You fix all these issues the same way – click the link in the email and re-enter your payment details (or provide a new card). Reply to the ‘order failed’ email if you need any help.

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