Arkham Horror The Card Game: The Full Dunwich Cycle


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This is a bundle of the full cycle: the deluxe expansion, ‘return to’ expansion, and 6 mythos packs.

The Dunwich Legacy: Arkham Horror LCG is the first main expansion to come to the Arkham Horror Card Game, bringing with it five brand new investigators who are ready to offer their services and their skills, all ready to battle their way through Arkham itself!

Not only do the new investigators bring new expertise to the field, players can also now arm them with nearly 60 new player cards! This will allow players to create new strategies and decks to encourage further styles of play! You will need all of this ready to take on the expansions two new scenarios! These scenarios will have you coming face to face with all kinds of new terrors, from unholy abominations to backroom thugs!

The story centres around the three Miskatonic professors who travelled to Dunwich, armed with knowledge that would eventually lead to the demise of a strange and deadly creature that had been terrorising a small village. This expansions will continue that story, with your mentor Dr Armitage, one of those three professors. The story will see his colleagues disappear without a trace and it is up to you, the player, to use ever resource you have to hand to find those missing professors and protect them from whatever evil lurks around the corner!