Blood Bowl: Ogre Team


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Blood Bowl is the original game of fantasy football in which players participate in hyper-violent matches, to win each team must try to score more touchdowns than their opponent. However, most players are more focused on bludgeoning their rivals in any way they can in order to incapacitate, maim or even kill them! After all, if a player happens to break their neck, there is one less player standing in the way of victory.

If you are looking to run the biggest, baddest team in Blood Bowl then look no further than the Ogres, they aren’t very graceful on the pitch and barely follow the rules but there pure brute strength and ability to kick and throw a ball almost the length of the pitch (with the Gnoblars help) mean they dominate a game of Blood Bowl. Mixing the Ogres and Gnoblars into one team is one of the keys to winning a Blood Bowl game, the Ogres allow the Gnoblars to basically have free reign of the pitch while they go around immobilising and flattening their opponents allowing the Gnoblars to score endless amounts of points.

The multi-part, plastic Fire Mountain Gut Busters Ogre Blood Bowl Team contains;

  • 3x Ogres
  • 1x Ogre Runt Punter
  • 12x Gnoblars
  • 1x Roster Sheet
  • 4x Ogre-themed Blood Bowl Balls
  • 2x Double-sided Scoring Coins
  • 2x Turn Counters
  • Ogres Team Transfer Sheet
  • 14x 25mm Bases
  • 4x 32mm Bases