Building Site


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Site manager Bruno Bear needs help with building a house. Players must find matching traffic cone tiles and drive them to the construction site with the dump truck. Step by step, the foundations, walls, roof, and garden take shape. Finding out about what construction workers do makes every player a winner.
This game has a German cover, but English instructions.
1 Dump Truck, 1 site manager Bruno Bear (wooden figure), 1 construction plan, 1 building site, 4 wooden blocks (foundations, brickwork, roof, shrubbery), 4 storage areas (foundations, brickwork, roof, shrubbery), 12 traffic cone tiles, 1 rulebook
1. In free play, the general topic and the game materials can be explored in an informal way.
2. When the game is to be played according to the rules, first piece together the board representing the building site and place the dump truck next to it. Spread out the storage areas with matching wooden blocks around the building site. Piece together the construction plan and place Bruno Bear on the first square. Shuffle the traffic cone tiles and arrange in a grid.
3. Players play in turns. The first player turns over a traffic cone tile. If it matches one of the images on the construction plan, they ?deliver? it in the dump truck to Bruno Bear.
4. When both of the matching tiles have arrived there, the matching wooden block is delivered to the construction site where it is unloaded and used for building the house. Bruno Bear moves forward one square.
5. When the final wooden block has been delivered to the building site, the construction project is complete!
Ages 2+
Players 2-4