D&D The Great Dalumti Game



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D&D: The Great Dalmuti
A classic card game with a D&D twist
In the Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game, the dice may control your fate, but in The Great Dalmuti, it’s about how cleverly you play the cards you’re dealt.

This easy-to-learn card game is based on the award-winning game by Richard Garfield. In this version the classic Great Dalmuti cards get a D&D spin, complete with illustrations by artist Harry Conway!

1 Deck of 80 cards
1 Rulebook
1 Custom paper tray

The Great Dalmuti meets D&D

Life isn’t fair… but it sure is fun!
One round you’re polishing your royal crown, and the next you’re whacking rats in a filthy alley. It’s a gloat-filled, winner-take-all contest in this D&D-themed version of the classic card game.

Aim of the game
The objective is to get rid of your cards as soon as you can. The faster you get rid of your cards, the higher your social class will be in the following hand – but don’t get too comfortable! In a single hand the lowliest dreg can take down reigning ruler.

Family game night
This fun, face-paced card game is a great addition to any game night! Ideal for 4-8 players aged 8 and over, this quick and simple game will have you hooked and wanting to play all night!

How to play

Getting Started
The card you pick will determine your character for the first round. If you have the worst card you must give your 2 best cards to The Great Dalmuti (the player with the highest ranking card) in exchange for any of their cards.

Game play
The player with the lead plays a set of cards of the same rank. On their turn, each player can either play a set of the same number of cards of better rank or pass. Continue until everyone passes in a row.

Winners & Losers
The player who has played their last card first becomes The Great Dalmuti and gets the lead for the next hand.