Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Edition


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Flash Point Fire Rescue, from Indie Boards and Cards, is a thrilling game of fighting fire, rescuing victims and team work from the game designer Kevin Lanzing.

Flash Point is a co-operative game where the players take on the rolls of firefighters attending the scene of a house fire; they need to fight the fire, rescue the occupants and ensure that all this is done before too many of the occupants have died or the house collapses.

Each round, each player has four action points to spend on their turn, to move, carry victims, get rid of hazardous materials, open and closing doors, extinguishing smoke and fires or maybe chopping their way through the walls driving the fire engine to another side of the house. Maybe even changing their roll or firing the Fire Engine deck gun.

All is not as easy as it sounds, once a player has used their four actions, the fire advances, a random space is rolled and smoke or fire will spread there, possibly explode spreading fire and damaging the building or even causing flash-overs knocking down the players and killing the victims.

Each player can take on the roll of a specific type of firefighter: The CAFS Firefighter who can extinguish fires without using action points, the Fire Captain who can use their action points to move other players around, the Rescue Specialist who can move farther and can chop through walls easier. Perhaps the players would prefer to play the Imaging Technician who can identify where the victims are, or the diver/operator who can use the fire engine much easier than others. What firefighting team would be complete without the Hazmat Technician who can dispose of hazardous materials easier than others, the Paramedic who can heal the victims and get them out of the fire faster or the extremely useful and versatile Generalist who has an extra action point.

The game ends with the players winning when seven people have been rescued, or they lose when four are lost or the building collapses by taking to much damage.