HABA I Need To Potty



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The players help Pippa or Paul get to the potty in a hurry. The dice decides, either the potty moves closer or the children have to take another drink. But if we’re not quick, there is going to be an accident. The players work together to become real potty professionals.
This game has a German box, but English language instructions inside.
?1 game box containing 4-part cardboard grid, 3 game boards (a double-sided upper body, a lower body, and the bathroom floor), 3 drink tiles, 1 mop tile, 1 die, 1 potty, 1 rulebook
Assemble the game box according to instructions. Keep the drink tiles with the drink side facing up, and the mop tile handy. Place the potty on the starting bathmat.
Take turns in a clockwise direction. Roll the die.
Does it show a 1 or a 2? Move the potty forward by the corresponding number of bathmats. Does the die show a drink and are there drink tiles left? Place one of the drink tiles in the mouth slot.
Are there no drinks tiles left? The child needs to pee. Stick two fingers in the holes on either side of the bathroom wall and slide it up.
Does pee land on the floor? Use the mop to clean it up and then continue playing. Is the potty on the last bathmat? The pee lands in the potty ? you won! At the end, all players become real potty pros.
Ages 2+
Players 2-4