HABA Terra Kids Connectors – Construction Kit Animals


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Terra kids connectors make a great DIY project for parents and grandparents to enjoy with children ages 8+. They include fun elements of learning, mechanical engineering, getting out into nature and of course inspiring creativity. The possibilities are endless! Please note: some designs call for the use of a hack saw and/or chisel (not included). Adult supervision should always be used when working with these utensils, making this is a great way to teach your children the proper use of tools.
The principle behind Terra Kids Connectors is simple and ingenious: gather wood outdoors to work with at home. Drill holes, insert connectors and join pieces of wood together to bring the creatures to life!
Use branches and twigs from your backyard, a nature walk or even wood from your scrap pile!
Set includes: 38 plastic connectors of varying design, 6 corks, 1 hand drill and colorful detailed instruction guide with 4 different project suggestions. Comes in a sturdy cardboard box with magnetic closure.
Once the wood pieces have been collected, use the hand drill to drill holes in the wood into which the connectors will snugly fit.
The hand drill is sharp enough to drill through most woods, but kids will learn as they go which types of wood are easier than others.