In a Flash Firefighters


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To your hoses! Ready! Go!
The sirens are blaring as the In a Flash Firefighters arrive. Just in time too, because the bales of hay on farmer Rudi’s farm are on fire! Help try to put out the fire but watch out! The water hoses are all in a jumble. The first person to untangle and lay out their hose tiles to reach the fire is awarded a firefighting medal. But the fire hasn’t been completely put out yet! The player who collects three medals wins.
?4 game boards (each made up of 2 parts), 60 hose tiles, 5 starting tiles, 9 firefighting medals, 1 water hose nozzle tile, 4 wooden fire hydrants, 1 rulebook.
  • ? Each player receives a game board, fire hydrant, and starting tile. Place the hydrant in the starting slot and put the starting tile over the fire hydrant. Place all other game material in the center of the table.
  • On the command “To the hoses! Ready! Go!? everyone searches in the center of the table at the same time for hose tiles to place on their game board so that their hose extends from left to right.
  • Does your hose reach the fire? Take the hose nozzle tile, place it, and call out ?Water on!? The round ends immediately for all players.
  • The winner receives a firefighters’ medal. Were you the best player this round? Move your hydrant to the left. Worst player? Move your hydrant to the right. Everyone swaps starting tiles, returns their hose tiles to the center, and starts a new round.
  • As soon as a player receives their third firefighters’ medal, they win the game.

2-4 players

Ages 5+