Jump Around Frogs



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Four funny ball frogs are hopping around like world champions. Will luck be on their side as they make lap after lap? For each lap completed, players get to turn over a petal of their own water lily! Which Turbohopper will win the race? WOW! As if by magic, the flowers open for the frogs as they finish.
German box, with English instructions.
?1 box base with 4 dividers, 1 game board, 16 water lily petals, 4 ball frogs, 2 dice, 1 rulebook.
1. Place the box base representing a water lily pond in the center of the table. Sort the petals according to color and place them face down in the cutouts. Select a ball frog and place it on its starting square.
2. Play goes in a clockwise direction.
3. Roll the dice:
Does it show a fly? Move the ball frog to the next unoccupied square showing a fly.
Does it show a color? Move the ball frog to the next unoccupied square showing this color.
4. Has the frog gone all the way around the lily pond? Then turn over one of the petals on your own water lily.
5. At the end of the fifth lap of the pond, the frog hops into the water lily. The water lily opens, and we have a winner!
Ages 3+
Players 2-4