Little Book of Battle Mats


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The little book of battle Mats: dungeon Loke Battle Mats play RPG in style with these 6 “X6” (Approx.15cm x 15cm) maps as you weave through the halls of the Dungeon and explore suspicious rooms and Cells that may suddenly appear! Link your zones with this priceless little book of maps! Little book of battle Mats is an essential complement for the game master. Designed to enhance your games and to help follow the fights and stimulate the imagination a little, this tool considerably reduces the preparation time of the game. Portable – fits in your pocket 40 cards can be used with any medieval fantasy RPG! Perfect association with the Dungeon books of battle Mats convenient and portable little book of battle Mats was designed for small stages or to add additional options to combine the different book of battle Mats with each other