Lucky Giraffe


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The stomachs of giraffe friends are rumbling, but the most sought-after treats are hanging on the tallest branches. Players take turns uncovering tiles and adding them to their giraffe. The giraffe with the longest neck wins!
?4 giraffe heads, 4 giraffe bodies, 24 neck tiles, 1 parrot, 1 cord, 24 symbol tiles, 1 rulebook.
1. Lay out the neck tiles with their symbols face up. Place the symbol tiles with the giraffe pattern face up into 4 stacks. Each player is given a giraffe’s head and body.
2. The players take it in turns, starting with the player with the longest neck. Whoever’ s turn it is turns over the uppermost symbol tile from any stack.
3. That player then selects a neck tile with that symbol showing and flips it over.
The neck tile extends their giraffe’s neck, and the symbol tile is out of play.
4. The game ends once the last neck tile has been used. Each player counts the number of spots on their giraffe?s necks. The longest neck (and thus the most spots) wins.
5. Alternatively, players can measure the length of their giraffe necks using Pepe the parrot.