Model Color Set – Faces Painting Set


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These are acrylic paint colours from Acrylicos Vallejo

They are waterbased paints which are non-toxic and non-flammable
and come in a 17ml eyedropper bottle which prevents spills.

Model Colour is indicated for all surfaces, and especially
formulated to adhere to Plastics and Polyesters. The colours
brush on smoothly, and cover large surfaces easily and without
showing brushstrokes. Their texture makes them equally perfect
for minuscule details of miniature artwork. All the shades dry to
a mat and opaque finish except for the metallic and transparent

The transparent colours render a brilliant finish, tint the
surface but do not hide woodgrains or other characteristics. On
models, they are applied directly for headlights and signal
lights; diluted with Mat Medium, these colours are ideal for
tinting airplane or car windows(smoked glass). The application of
a coat of transparent colour over the same mat colour gives an
extra brilliant special effect.

Model Colour can be diluted with water, and all colours can be
mixed with one another. The products does not contain solvents
and is not imflamable. Colours do not contain lead pigments, nor
ingredients harmful to health. Error can be corrected immediately
with water, or with a small amount of alcohol. Once paint has
dried, it is waterproof and permanent.This set contains:
VAL72804 Beige Red
VAL72812 Violet Red
VAL72814 Burnt Cadmium Red
VAL72815 Basic Skin Tone
VAL72859 Black Red
VAL72876 Brown Sand
VAL72928 Light Flesh
VAL72950 Matt Black

Box Contains

8x 17ml paints
Colour Chart