One Piece Card Game: Booster Box – Flanked by Legends (OP-06)

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One Piece Card Game: Booster Box

This pack centres around fan-favourites Zoro and Sanji. It is highly synergistic with ST-12, while also offering several popular characters not found in ST-12.

A Mix of New and Old Themes, Including Germa 66 and Thriller Bark.

Introducing Sanjis sister, Reiju from Germa 66, along with FILM-theme cards in new colours. Also features Moria, Perona and other popular characters from throughout the series.

The SP cards in this pack feature designs that capture a snapshot of various characters daily lives. This is a rare theme for merchandise and is sure to attract collectors!

Special Card: x6
Leader: x6
Common: x45
Uncommon: x30
Rare: x26
Super Rare: x10
Secret Rare: x2
DON!! Card x1