Terrain Crate Treasury


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1 Terrain Crate: Treasury Plastic Scenery Box Set contains:

  • 2 Gold Plinths
  • 2 Gold Piles Of Chests
  • 2 Gold Coin Pouches
  • 2 Gold Piles Of Armour And Weapons
  • 2 Gold Crowns
  • 2 Gold Swords In The Stones
  • 4 Large Gold Treasure Piles
  • 4 Small Gold Treasure Piles
  • 2 Gold Goblets/Plates

Perfect to represent the final area of a dungeon or the inner vaults of a dragon’s hoard, this set includes material wealth of every kind! You?ll find piles of gold coins, chests, crowns, armour and weapons, including the fabled sword in the stone… well, two actually!