Vampire: The Eternal Struggle – New Blood: Banu Haqim

Est. release date Sept 2023


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New Blood is a collection of five 55-card pre-constructed decks for introductory games of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. These decks are simpler than tournament level decks but showcase all the basic mechanics of the game. They are balanced, for a fun and exciting first try of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. Some of the cards included are reprints and some are new for this set, all ready to mix with cards from other sets.

Clan Banu Haqim spawns from an ancient bloodline of warriors, sorcerers and assassins. Now they are pillars of law and tradition in vampiric society, although they are not immune to intrigue and political disputes.

With this deck you use a combination of stealth, threats and violence to triumph. Your vampires have both high political status and excellent combat skills.