Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions: Warband Pack 1



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The battle for Hammerhal has been a long and bloody one. Both sides of the Stormrift Realm Gate have faced brutal invasion from the forces of Chaos and Destruction, but now due to the heroic efforts of the Aventis Firestrike?s finest warriors and an uneasy alliance with the Idoneth Deepkin the end is at hand, or so it had seemed?

Deep below the District of Cinderfall, something stirs. Lady Olynder and her procession of Nighthaunts may have been repelled by the Mages of the Sacrosanct Chamber but for the Lord of Death, not all has been lost. The Briar Queen and her Thorns still reside within the city?s walls and now they travel toward the sinister heart of the city?s long forgotten underbelly in search of its darkest secret.

Now, Averon Stormsire accompanied by his Stormbreakers; Ammis Dawnguard and Rastus the Charmed descend into the belly of the beast. There they must finally defeat the vile Briar Queen or risk watching as Hammerhal falls into the grip of Nagash.

Warband Details

Warband brings otherworldly realms to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions. 16 cards are included in the Warband pack, alongside 3 booster packs! The set features 8 cards for Order Grand Alliance and 8 cards for the Death Grand Alliance. Collect foil version of these new cards as Warband introduces new Champions, Units, Abilities and Spells to your deck allowing you to craft new tactics by wielding the powers of the Nighthaunt.

And for the first time, these units will be Unique!

These cards will also be available in the digital game store; so you will be able to conquer the digital realms as well. And As always, physical cards will also be scannable for play in the digital world. Get double the play with your physical purchases.