Blood Bowl: Snotling team


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Blood Bowl is the original game of fantasy football in which players participate in hyper-violent matches, to win each team must try to score more touchdowns than their opponent. However, most players are more focused on bludgeoning their rivals in any way they can in order to incapacitate, maim or even kill them! After all, if a player happens to break their neck, there is one less player standing in the way of victory.

The Snotling Team may not be the quickest, the toughest or the smartest but they do have… erm, something. Okay, no one actually knows how they got here, but if you’re looking for a real challenge then look no further than the Snotlings.

This Multi-part plastic box set contains;

  • 12 Snotlings
  • 2x Snotling Fungus Flingas
  • 2x Snotling Fun-Hoppas
  • 2x Snotling Stilty Runnas
  • 2x Snotling Pump Wagons!
  • 2x Turn counters
  • 2x Coins
  • 4x Snotling-themed balls
  • 20x 25mm bases
  • 2x 32mm bases


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