Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit



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GM level up!

Fresh from Kickstarter, a new book of resources for your fantasy RPG campaign.

First launched on Kickstarter, and backed by over 7,500 RPG fans!

Containing over 120 random tables that are compatible with any fantasy role-playing game, this book is a must-have for game masters everywhere! The concept is simple, either before or during a game go to the table you need, roll the indicated dice (or choose a result) then look up the outcome to produce detailed content with minimal preparation. The book’s wire-bound design means it can lie flat and fit snugly behind your GM Screen, with the rest of your gaming essentials.

What’s inside?

Chapter 1: People and Quests
Character names and behaviours, ally and villain origin stories, organisation names, campaign ideas and more.

Chapter 2: World Building
Town features and local attractions, rumours, bounty posters, taverns, food and drink, festivals, games and more.

Chapter 3: Journeys and Events
Supernatural patrons, ghosts, dreams, traps, as well as encounters across a range of environments.

Chapter 4: Combat and Injuries
Melee, ranged and magic critical hit/fail tables, revival side effects, lasting injuries, diseases, blessings and more.

Chapter 5: Items and Rewards
Magic armour, magic weapons, alchemy misfires, potions, scams, plants, books, art pieces, chest fillers and more.

The two versions – Blue and Orange – ONLY refer to the cover. The content of the books are identical.

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